Two vessels with oxblood glaze by Jais Nielsen and Gerd Bøgelund

$2,785.00 USD

1. Jais Nielsen for Royal Copenhagen, Denmark
"The Four Evangelists" lidded stoneware jar with relief decorations depicting Matthew, Mark, Luke and John with animals to body with semi-gloss oxblood glaze and bronze lid.
Height 10 1/4" (26cm) Width 5" (13cm)
Painted "Jais (three waves) 38/2376"
$1800.00 H1403 Enquire about this item only

2. Gerd Bogelund for Royal Copenhagen, Denmark
Stoneware vase with oxblood glaze, c1960s.

Height 4" (10cm) Width 6" (15cm)
Painted "4688", three waves. Incised "gb" Printed Royal Copenhagen stamp
$985.00 H1384 Enquire about this item only

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