Group of vases by Horst Kerstan

$2,400.00 USD

Horst Kerstan, own studio

1.  Unique stoneware vase with glossy dark brown "tenmoku" glaze.
Height 10 1/2" (27cm) Width 5" (13cm)
Painted "HK", "151"
$650.00 F8029 Enquire about this item only

2. Unique stoneware gourd vase with semi matte glaze in pink and pale gray and all over faint craquelure texture, 2003.
Height 12" (31 cm) Width 8" (20 cm) 
Incised "Kerstan 423 12 20 03", Impressed "K"
$1,100.00 N6315 Enquire about this item only

3. Unique stoneware vase with glossy pale blue crackle glaze with blush of pink 1986.
Height 5" (13cm) Width 6 1/2" (16.5cm)
Incised "Kerstan 1986" Impressed K (in a square)
$650.00 C5458 Enquire about this item only

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