Group of pale brown objects by Carl Harry Stålhane for Rörstrand

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Carl Harry Stålhane for Rörstrand 

1. Stoneware ovoid bowl with matte brown, gray and cream dripping glaze, 1950s.
Height 2 1/2" (6cm) Width 11" (28cm) Depth 7 1/2" (19cm)
Incised "R (three crowns) SWEDEN CHS"
Marked as second due to irregular glaze coverage
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2. Stoneware vase with matte beige and cream crystalline glaze, 1950s-60s.
Height 7 1/4" (18.5cm) Width 5 3/4" (14cm)
Incised "R (three crowns) SWEDEN CHS"
$850.00 C5419 Enquire about this item only 

3. Stoneware vase with incised line decorations to exterior with matte olive green and gray glaze.
Height 5" (12.5cm) Width 4" (10 cm)
Incised "R (three crowns) CHS SVERIGE"
$465.00 B3315 
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