Group of gourd vases by Horst Kerstan

$2,855.00 USD

Horst Kerstan, own studio

1. Unique stoneware double gourd vase with glossy glaze in translucent and opaque shades of cream and burnt orange. Dated 1984.
Height 8" (20cm) Width 6 1/2" (16.5cm)
Incised "Kerstan 30.9.1984"
$785.00 N6338 Enquire about this item only

2. Unique stoneware double gourd vase glazed in shades of gray, cream and burnt orange, 1992.
Height 5 1/2" (14cm) Width 4" (10cm)
Incised "Kerstan 1.8.92" Impressed K (in a circle) and cross.
$385.00 N6335 Enquire about this item only

3. Stoneware double gourd bottle vase with glossy black and creamglaze, 1980s-90s
Height 7 1/2" (19 cm) Width 4" (10 cm)
Impressed "K" in circle, 
$450.00 C5347 Enquire about this item only

4. Unique stoneware vase with glossy dark brown "tenmoku" glaze.
Height 10 1/2" (27cm) Width 5" (13cm)
Painted "HK", "151"
$650.00 F8029 Enquire about this item only

5. Gourd shaped stoneware vase with yellow ochre crystalline glaze over brown semi-gloss glaze 
Height 6" (15 cm) Width 4 1/2" (12 cm) 
Impressed "Kerstan Kandern" Painted "Kerstan"
$585.00 N3286 
Enquire about this item only

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