Group of blue vases by Gunnar Nylund for Rorstrand

$3,150.00 USD

Gunnar Nylund for Rorstrand, Sweden

1.Stoneware vase with matte blue and brown glaze, 1950s-60s.
Height 12 1/2" (32cm) Width 5 " (13cm) 
Incised "Barnangans original" "R (three crowns) SWEDEN GN "
$1,600.00 E7363 Enquire about this item only

2. Unique large stoneware vase with blue and brown haresfur glaze, 1950s-60s
Height 6" (15 cm) Width 3 1/4" (8 cm)
Incised "R (three crowns) GN Sweden ASK"
$685.00 E7308 Enquire about this item only

Note: marked as second for no obvious reason, most likely for the thickening of the glaze at base of vase.

3. Stoneware vase with blue and brown glaze, 1960s.
Height 7 3/4" (19.5cm) Width 4 1/4" (11cm)
Incised "R (three crowns) GN AXZ" 
$865.00 G9003 
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