Two round vases by Horst Kerstan, Germany

$2,385.00 USD

Horst Kerstan, own studio, Germany

1. Unique stoneware large vase with speckled glossy oxblood glaze, 1986.
Height 8 1/2" (22cm) Width 9 1/2" (24cm)
Painted "kerstan 86" Impressed K monogram. Bears label "Kerstan Kandern"
$1,400.00 H1510 Enquire about this item only

2. Unique stoneware vase with speckled glossy glaze in black, gray and pink, 1984.
Height 6" (15cm) Width 7 1/2" (19cm)
Painted "kerstan 84" Impressed K monogram
$985.00 H1513 Enquire about this item only

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